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The Wizard's Guide to Wellington

The Wizard's Guide to Wellington

Full of fun, adventure, humour and a sense of magic, young readers and the young at heart will love this story about two cousins rescuing Wellington from bad men wanting to wake a very dangerous taniwha.


'Wizards and a taniwha running wild in Wellington - who would have
thought it? Perrin's adventures in the capital city are fun to follow and full of surprises. My (unpointy) hat is off to Alicia Ponder. Now where's my broom ...?'
  Fiona Kidman

Fantastic story - setting - character - full of tension and surprises - very cool.
Mary McCallum
Alicia Ponder has conjured a whirlwind of wizardry that will have you reaching for the nearest broomstick in this delightfully wild and unpredictable tale of magic, monsters and mayhem.  Emanuel E Garcia


Two cousins from different worlds must rescue Wellington from evil wizards who want to wake the very dangerous taniwha that is Miramar Peninsula.

Alec finds a magical book on the floor of Wellington Airport, but somehow his father and his cousin have both gone missing.  

Perrin, Alec's cousin has arrived at "Wellingtowne Airporte" only to discover Ike, her cantankerous wizarding guide, has disappeared and she is all alone in the dangerous city of "Wellingtowne".

Somehow their two worlds must collide if the two cousins are to save the city that is stranger and more dangerous than they could ever have imagined.

About the Author AJ Ponder

A J Ponder is a Vogel Award winner and has had many short stories published.  To find out more about her work, you can visit her website here.  This is her second book, the first, "The Great Weta Robbery" by AJ Ponder and Peter Friend was published by Gilt Edge (Dec 2011).

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